Regenerative Medicine

with highly individualized treatments.

Regenerative Medicine

with highly individualized treatments.




Regenerative Medicine in Rockville, Maryland

We believe in the power of the body’s natural ability to heal. Our regenerative medicine treatments, including exosomes, PRP, pentosan polysulfate, and peptides, are designed to rejuvenate, reduce pain, and enhance overall vitality, helping you achieve optimal health and well-being.

Signs You May Need Regenerative Medicine:

Chronic Pain

Slow Recovery

Reduced Mobility


Regenerative Medicine We Offer:

Exosomes for Skin & Hair Loss

Exosomes are tiny vesicles containing powerful growth factors and signaling molecules, ideal for rejuvenating skin and combating hair loss. Our exosome treatments promote cellular regeneration, reduce inflammation, and support tissue repair, providing an effective solution for those seeking advanced skin and hair restoration.

Different Exosome Treatments:

Designed to rejuvenate the skin, reduce signs of aging, and combat hair loss our Exosomes treatments include: 

( plated )™ Skin Science

Intense Serum

Hair Serum

IV infusion

• Injection (injuries, skin, joint health)

( plated )™ Skin Science offers an innovative anti-aging skincare solution formulated with proprietary Renewosome™ technology, which utilizes exosomes derived from platelets. This exclusive approach helps to regenerate the skin’s appearance.

This serum is packed with the highest concentration of platelet-
derived exosomes, containing a growth factor complex and
potent antioxidants. Clinically proven, INTENSE tackles the
most challenging skin issues head-on. Within six weeks, this
serum significantly minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, redness,
and brown spots.



This Hair Serum is a scientific breakthrough, harnessing the power of platelet-derived Renewosome™ technology to make your hair look fuller, stronger, and thicker.



Other Regenerative Medicine Options:

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP is derived from your own blood and contains concentrated platelets that release growth factors. This therapy is used to accelerate healing in injured tissues, support hair growth, and rejuvenate the skin. PRP can be used for joint injuries, skin rejuvenation, and hair restoration.
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Pentosan Polysulfate Injections

Polysulfate Injections

Pentosan polysulfate is an injectable treatment used to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis. This innovative therapy has been shown to reduce joint inflammation and improve mobility, offering a non-steroidal alternative for OA management.
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Peptide Therapies

Peptides are short chains of amino acids that play a key role in many biological processes. Our peptide therapy is designed to enhance muscle growth, improve skin health, boost energy, and support weight loss. Each peptide treatment is tailored to your specific goals and health needs.
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